About Us:

Ai20X is a premier business network focused on accelerating innovation to the global market, promoting global innovation start-ups in Silicon Valley and launching products in the USA.

Our professional team and network partners work with entrepreneurs to bring innovation to the global market by setting a presence in Silicon Valley and developing customized market entry solutions, engaging with the right regional and local partners, as well as defining strategy, plan and capital solutions to drive the global growth.

Ai20X offer membership to make it affordable and easy for entrepreneurs and companies to bring your concept to reality, growing global together with global networks.  Execution becomes simple. Join us and be the driving force of innovation!

We are based in Silicon Valley with global footprints and global members.

History, why Ai20X?

Ai20X was founded by Vietnamese Americans, Taiwanese Americans, and Vietnamese founders who have cross-country experiences, participated and contributed to the technological and economic development between the United States and countries including Taiwan, China, Korea and Nigeria for the past four decades.  Ai20X was formed to promote the need for start-ups, innovation and growth to support the evolution of technology, industries 4.0, and promoting the trend of globalization. 

Recognizing the economic and trade transformation due to the technological development of the industrial revolution 4.0 and the growth momentum of Vietnam, Ai20X was established with the goal of providing solutions to support start-up needs and the innovation growth that industry 4.0 is developing, while promoting the trend of globalization, beginning with Vietnam.

Our observations and solutions are:

1) Like many other countries, the Vietnamese government has promoted start-ups to accelerate the development of industry 4.0, which changes the way we do business and our business operating processes for improvement such as high quality and low cost. Start-ups are becoming a need and opportunity for entrepreneurs to integrate into the local culture’s operations process for the best optimization. Vietnam start-ups are developing rapidly, but in a very young environment. Its entrepreneurial ecosystem has just formed with start-ups supporting structure in 2016. Ai20X promotes start-ups in Silicon Valley where entrepreneurs can grow rapidly in a long-standing professional environment with fully supported systems. Vietnamese start-ups can be located in Silicon Valley and operate in Vietnam.

2) The true value of innovation is assessed by the actual success of the application. Ai20X promotes exchanges and confirmation of innovation in the United States. Using certified innovation in the United States, Ai20X will provide quality operations and can help companies to expand their business, products and services, to the US and global markets.

3) To support globalization and help businesses introduce their products and services to the global market easily and simply, Ai20x provides a global network and business platform for businesses to sell their products across countries. Products can be launched in the US and sold to other countries in the Ai20X business network such as Vietnam, Taiwan and other networks.

Vision: Ai20X will be a unique business system for transnational and global development systems for innovation from start-up to expansion, and rapid development from idea to revenue.

Mission: As a pioneer and leading company providing business platform systems to create an ecosystem that connects leading members to join, build and promote innovation and develop innovation to the global market.

Business model: Ai20X integrates two models:

1) Membership to facilitate entrepreneurs and enterprise to launch projects and integrate quickly with the new transnational environment.  Members can connect quickly and work with appropriate partners to develop project together.

2)   Our service platform helps Ai20X's business network partners provide services and collaborate with members. Our business model includes the following key elements:

  1. Value proposition:  Provide an environment for businesses to collaborate easily and grow together to create a complete ecosystem to help entrepreneurs and businesses develop innovation and development global connections. Our environment system encourages and promotes the following:
    • • Entrepreneurs and start-ups can access experts, business partners and ecosystem members who support entrepreneurship. Start-up grows business with rapid development support while experts and supporting companies provide practical services for entrepreneurs and businesses.
    • • The needs and innovative solutions for businesses are introduced, provided for and implemented easily and quickly. Businesses have practical solutions and innovations developed for them by our experts.
    • • Learning: Training programs including vocational training, professional training and knowledge will be introduced to learners. Learners include entrepreneurs, business personnel, students and professionals who can easily learn and receive training.
    • • Experts meet people who need advice: Encourage entrepreneurs and businesses to find the right professional for their job to succeed and create conditions for experts to introduce their forte and experiences.
    • • Product and sales introduction: Making the introduction and sale of products and services to the transnational market becomes simple for entrepreneurs and businesses. Products and services can be sold into the US market, Vietnam, Taiwan and expand to other countries where Ai20X is growing.
  2. Products and Services: Ai20X always strives to invite professional partners to join us to provide optimal products and services to support members to succeed in commerce and quickly develop economic joint. Our products are the foundation system for members and partners to provide services for members to use easily. Our main services support provider members to perform their services well. Services and products for members are presented in services and products section.
  3. Target members who use the Services
  4. Partners in Ai20X's business network, members providing services and products:
  5. Main activities system: