Start A Business in the USA

Ai20X encourages companies to have a presence in the USA by offering an affordable and affective solution for companies and enterprises to start their business in the USA.  We offer the following services:

  1. Virtual office: We offer a virtual office for our members to have presence in USA.  The virtual office package includes the following:
    1. Register your business with a USA business address
    2. A USA phone number with full IPPBX features, allows you to forward voice mails, to any number that you assign or an IP phone at your office anywhere.
    3. Posted mail box in USA address for you.
  2. Remote management and global services: Ai20X provides infrastructure and the following cloud base services:
    1. Video Conferencing
    2. PCoIP Services: allow company member from everywhere to securely access into the cloud system for sharing software and data.
    3. Offer ERP/CRM Software at a special discount rate through Ai20X licensing.   
  3. USA facility for your visit and when needed: Visitor office, conference room, event room, show room, demo room, video conferencing, studio, engineering lab for system integration and testing. 
  4. Business support services:
    1. Legal services: corporation, business contracts, permits, licensing, immigration;
    2. Accounting Services: business accountant, tax;
    3. Logistic Services: import, export, localization  
    4. Office management services
  5. Representative, sales office
  6. Customer support center
  7. Event planning, hosting, and trade show services
  8. Financing, fund-raising services